Car 122 /"Rosie"
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122 was built to a standard American design by the J. G. Brill Co. of Philadelphia in 1909 for export to Porto, Portugal.
Rosie is similar to early streetcars that once operated in Dallas.
122 was retired from service in Porto in 1978.
MATA Co-founder Phil Cobb saw 122 operating in the San Francisco Trolley Fair. He bought the car and had it transported to Dallas.
At 28-feet long and 14 tons, Rosie is the smallest car in the M-Linefleet.
Rosie rides on a single Brill 21E truck with a 7-foot wheelbase, and 33-inch diameter spoked wheels.
She has two 600-volt DC, 35-horsepower traction motors: an 1890's vintage clam shell design, each held together by 4 bolts.
122 uses a type B controller, that provides regenerative braking. Unlike the other M-Line cars that have two trolley poles, Rosie has only one.
We retrofitted Rosie with a WABCO self-lapping brake valve and a GE compressor.
She was extensively overhauled in MATA's shop in 1990-1992.
Because of her age, Rosie sees limited regular revenue service. She provides back-up service for our other trolleys and operates during special events
She is popular with our riders..
Rosewood Properties and the Crescent, #122's sponsors, named her the "Crescent Rose."
M-Line operators began to referring to her as "Rosie," and soon the naming of our streetcars spread to the rest of the fleet.
Rosie celebrated her 100th birthday in 2009.

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