2019 MATA Time Capsule

The Trolley turns 30 in 2019!

We want to tell the next generation of Dallas citizens why the Trolley is beloved and so important to Uptown, Downtown and all of Dallas.

Please submit your ideas using the online form below.  

Deadline to Enter: June 22, 2019

Winner to be revealed: July 22nd, 2019  

Winner will receive:

2 tickets to Taste of Trolley event October 3, 2019

Signed copy by Phillip E. Cobb of Images of Rail
McKinney Avenue Trolleys

written by Jim Cumbie, Judy Smith Hearst, and Phillip E. Cobb

McKinney Avenue Trolley polo shirt with embroidered MATA logo and winner’s name

First edition McKinney Avenue Trolley 2019 holiday ornament

What Should Go into the M-Line Time Capsule?

  • Make sure your idea will fit: Your nominated object, document, photo must fit into an 22 x 2 ½-inch space inside the capsule.  
  • What we’re looking for: Items that represent what the M-Line Trolley means to you and to Dallas now and in the future. Think now and look forward.
  • Entries only accepted online using the form below. Do not mail or bring us objects or photos as they will not be returned. If your idea is accepted, we will contact you to secure any objects for the time capsule. Please include photos of any objects or copies of photos for the capsule.

Guidelines for Time Capsule Contents

  • Items should be non-perishable and should fit into a 22 x 2 ½-inch space inside the capsule.     
  • If photos are selected, photo(s) should be printed on photo paper, not copy paper.

Things to Avoid

  • Newsprint and yellow tablet paper. These papers deteriorate more quickly than other paper.
  •  Lamination or dry-mounting of paper items.
  • Writing with gel ink or felt tip markers, which tend to fade.
  • Objects made of rubber, PVC (polyvinyl chloride), vinyl and polyurethane foam, which deteriorate and release sulfur that damages other items.
  • Wood items, especially oak, that give off acid vapors.
  • Nylon, silk and wool, as these items easily break down and release sulfur.
  • Traditional alkaloid batteries, as these tend to leak acid.
  • Food stuffs of any sort, including canned food, freeze dried food, etc.

To enter, fill out the form below.

Deadline to Enter: June 22, 2019 • Winner to be Revealed: July 22, 2019