Car 369 /Matilda"
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369 was built in 1925 by James Moore, Ltd. for the Melbourne & Metropolitan Tramway Board in Melbourne, Australia.
The car was in continuous service in Melbourne for six decades before being purchased by MATA in 1986.
Matilda arrived in Portland, Oregon by ship and was then trucked to Dallas.
We also purchased some additional pairs of Melbourne trucks for spare parts, etc.
Acquired in running order, Matilda only required cosmetic modifications to give her a more North American appearance.
Car 369, MATA's largest streetcar, is 48' 10" long and weighs 17.5 tons.
She is the only center entrance car currently in the fleet.
Matilda has a unique interior configuration with longitudinal seating at each end, and transverse seating in the middle.
369 is divided into three compartments and has beautiful interior woodwork.
369 uses General Electric K35JJ controllers.
She has 27-inch diameter wheels and four 40-horsepower 600-volt DC motors.
Having come from "Down Under," it was only natural to nickname her "Matilda."
Matilda's restoration was sponsored by Lincoln Properties Co. and Metropolitan Insurance Co.

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