Locate any one of our 38 trolley signs (above) to begin your trolley adventure!

The M-Line gives you an opportunity to ride back into history on the only transit line in North Texas 

that operates lovingly restored antique electric trolley cars running on some of Dallas's oldest original 

trolley tracks. A ride on any of our cars is an experience to treasure — Museum car Rosie (Built 1909) 

or air-conditioned cars The Green Dragon (Built 1913), Petunia (Built 1920), or Matilda (Built 1925).

Although all rides (except charters) are free, we'll never turn down a voluntary contribution in the fare box.

Unlike DART's Light Rail cars, there are no buttons on the sides of the cars to open the doors. 
The operator will always open the door for you to board. On many parts of the line our tracks run next to the street curb. At these locations, at the Uptown Station at the end of Cityplace West Boulevard, you can simply enter the trolley — watch out for the steps in the cars as you board. For safety, at the Uptown Station, wait until the turntable has stopped moving before walking over to a trolley. On McKinney Avenue and portions of Cole Avenue our tracks run in the center of the street. At these locations, wait until the operator is sure that automobile, truck and bus traffic has stopped and tells you it is safe to board. The same holds true when you are exiting a trolley at one of these locations — let the operator tell you when it is safe to get off. 

"Safety First" is the prime rule here.


Because of their historical nature, our cars are not equipped for handicapped boarding. However in some cases, the operator may be able to assist a handicapped person to board one of our large cars.

Trolleys 186 and 369 are large cars; 122 and 636 are smaller. Due to maintenance requirements and charter demands, there is no way to predict which cars will be operating at any one given time. If you are with a large group, you might want to call the office at 214-855-0006 to see which cars may be running during the time period you want to ride. Additional scheduling information can be found on our twitter page. (Click on the twitter icon below to access this information.)To signal for a stop, depending on which car you are riding, press the button beside the window, or pull on the cord running the length of the car. Alternately, when you board, you can tell the operator where you want to get off or ask him or her what is the closest stop to your destination and request to get off there.

We are glad to tell you that well behaved dogs (accompanied by their owners) are welcome on 

our trolleys. 

Service animals are also welcome. Keeping all of this information in mind will help ensure that your trolley 

ride will be a safe and enjoyable one.