Charter Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can ride on a chartered trolley?
It depends on the size of the trolley. We recommend between 32 and 35 passengers per car.

Can we charter more than one trolley at a time?
Due to service commitments we are typically limited to chartering only one trolley at a time.

Where is the best place to park?
For most charters we suggest parking near our Uptown Station on Cityplace West Blvd or on an adjacent cross street. This location can be accessed by autos or your guests can arrive via DART rail. If the latter, they must exit their DART train at the Cityplace/Uptown subway station and follow signs to the M-Line and/or the West Exit. The surface is reached by elevator and/or escalator. On arriving atthe surface they will be at our Uptown station. Red, Blue and Orange Line trains serve the subway station.

Can the trolley wait for us if we want to get off for a few minutes?

Because our trolleys operate on city streets we are unable to stop in the street and wait. Additionally, other trolleys operating on a regular schedule need to come and go so we cannot wait in one place and block the track. However, we are able to hold at each end of the line: End of Cityplace West Blvd (Uptown Station) or St. Paul and Ross Ave (St. Paul Terminal).

Are the trolleys heated and air conditioned?
All of our trolleys are heated. With the exception of car 122 (Rosie), all M-Line trolleys are air conditioned.

Do the trolleys run in bad weather?
The trolleys run in all kinds of weather but can be subject to service delays if our power from TXU is 

interrupted by a storm or otherwise.

Where is the car barn?
Our Car Barn is located at 3153 Oak Grove Ave Dallas, TX 75204.

Can we bring music on board?
Yes, but music must be battery operated and self contained.

Do you furnish decorations and can I also bring my own decorations?
We can furnish interior balloons on adult and child birthday charters. In addition you may bring some decorations of your own — for example banners. None of your decorations can be affixed to any of the trolley's wood surfaces with tape. No outside banners are permitted. Our charter scheduler can provide more details about this issue. Absolutely no confetti will be allowed.

How many balloons do you furnish and what colors do you have?
Twenty (20) balloons maximum. The available colors are orange, yellow, red, pink, gold, silver, burgundy, white, black, light blue, dark blue, light green, dark green, purple, deep purple

Are alcoholic drinks allowed during a charter?
Alcoholic drinks may be provided by the charter host on a BYOB basis, but M-Line personnel are prohibited from loading or handling these. 
Alcoholic drinks are allowed only on Adult Charters. Kegs are not permitted.

How many drinks does an M-Line cooler hold?
Approximately 24 standard 12 oz. cans.

How big are the tables on the trolleys?
Tables between the seats are available for children's charters only and are approximately 30" x 24." Buffet tables are available for both Adult and children's parties and are approximately 6' x 24"

Can I bring an animal on board?
Under normal circumstances the M-Line is pet friendly, however the animal must be well behaved and on a leash or otherwise under your control. As always, service animals are welcome.