Saturday: 3 car schedule

Due to our Trolleys running along City streets, issues do arise that often cause delays along our line, that are out of our organization’s control. Any accidents, moving trucks, fire trucks, events, traffic, and so forth are likely to cause delays along our line. Situations such as these, throw off our head-ways (wait time) and create the problem of not being able to meet our posted schedule below.

For the best time frame on where our Trolleys are located along our line, in relation to your location, please visit our Trolley Tracker.

For service related issues, we try to update our riders accordingly through our various social media pages @DallasTrolley, so give us a follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the most up to date service.

*If the Trolley Tracker isn’t showing the entirety of our line, click on the map and zoom in or out to fit the Trolley Tracker to your screen accordingly*