Charter (rent) a trolley

A vintage trolley is a unique place to celebrate any special occasion. Experience the unmatchable pleasure of your own trolley car gently rolling through Uptown. With more than twenty years of experience, we are able to make your charter more fun than than you can imagine. We can set up serving and eating tables on our cars and recommend local caterers to help make your event even more memorable. We also provide table covers, balloons, ice chests (with ice) and trash receptacles. You can bring your own entertainment, additional decorations and, on adult charters only, alcoholic beverages.

Due to maintenance and restoration preparations for the upcoming expansion of our route and ongoing commuter service commitments, we are unable at this time to reserve trolleys during the week (Monday-Thursday) for charters. Please check back for future equipment availability during the week. Our trolleys are only available for charter parties on Fridays from 8 PM to 10 PM, Saturdays from 10 AM to 10 PM, and Sundays from 10 AM to 10 PM. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause and thank you for your understanding.

A chartered trolley can be used for . . .

  • Birthdays (Ages 4 and up. Children's parties are our most popular charters)
  • Anniversaries
  • Class reunions
  • Marriage proposals
  • Elegant sit-down wedding rehearsal dinners
  • Weddings
  • Business or club meetings
  • Client entertainment
  • Employee office parties
  • Sales meetings
  • And many more legal and moral events — let your imagination run wild.

Charter Rules, Costs, and Conditions

Our Charter reservations have a MAXIMUM of 35 people.

We are able to provide decorations such as Balloons, Ice Chests, and a Dining Table (With Linen).

We allow Alcoholic beverages ON BOARD our ADULT Charters.

You are allowed to bring food for your Charter reservations.

If you would like to add additional decorations or set up of your own, you are able to do so an hour prior to your Charter reservation time at our Trolley Barn. 

Trolley Barn Located at: 3153 Oak Grove Avenue Dallas, TX 75204.

Our restroom breaks for our Charters are at our Klyde Warren Park stop.

We are able to accommodate drop offs during our Charter reservations but, this drop off does equate into your total reservation time.

If you're interested in doing a separate drop off/pickup than the beginning and end of your reservation you must

1. Notify the Motorman of the Charter as to where you would like to be dropped off

2. Coordinate a Time and Place as to where you and your group would like to be dropped off and picked up

3. Make sure your group is at the Time and Place in which you specified with the Motorman

*****Failure to meet at the given place and time will result in Motorman heading back to the Trolley Barn*****

*****If anything is left on board after your reservation it is your responsibility to retrieve those lost items from our Trolley Barn*****

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you and your group are more than 15 minutes late for your Charter Reservation, the Motorman conducting the Charter will leave the pickup location and head to the Trolley Barn for group arrival.

*****Due to some of our Trolleys being single ended (That have to use our Uptown Station Turntable to turn around) when parties are late for their reservations, it throws off our other cars in operation for our regular service riders.*****

All Charters will be paid IN FULL at time of booking. Refunds will be issued if given two weeks notice. 

Adult Parties: $475.00 for a two hour minimum plus A 20% gratuity for the Motorman will be added on all adult charters.

Children's Parties: $350.00 for a two hour minimum plus a 20% gratuity for the Motorman. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on children's charters. We do not recommend party charters for children under the age of 4.

Field Trips: (Tuesdays & Thursdays): $2.00 per child.

Charters must be booked two or more weeks in advance. 

We will charge an additional $100 for damage or spillage after inspection of the trolley at the end of the charter. 

We can only provide one charter a day due to the size of our fleet.

Please read the most Frequently Asked Questions before planning your charter.

Schedule your trolley adventure with our Business Manager at:

  • 214.855.0006
  • 214.855.5250 (fax) or
  • E-mail.