Green Mountain Energy Sun Club & ProStar Energy Solutions help MATA Go Green!

McKinney Avenue Transit Authority (MATA) partnered with Green Mountain Energy Sun Club and ProStar Energy Solutions to harness and promote renewable energy and environmental stewardship.

Thanks to the generosity of Green Mountain Energy Sun Club’s grant of $368,000 for a set of Sustainability Projects, MATA’s operation has become even more energy efficient. Many consider the McKinney Avenue Trolley already “green” as we run our streetcars on electricity, not limited, expensive and polluting fossil fuels. This partnership has helped make our system more energy efficient by reducing electricity consumption and saving costs. It also brings awareness of environmentally conscious renewable resources on both a small and large scale.

The Sustainability Projects include:

  • Installation of a roof top 42.7 kW Solar Array system on the McKinney Avenue Trolley Car Barn producing energy from sunlight and offsetting total electricity usage resulting in significant savings.
  • The Car Barn roof also underwent a “cool roof” treatment to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat to stay much cooler, saving energy and money by using less air conditioning.
  • Trolley Car Barn and trolley windows were solar tinted to reduce more than 90% of UV rays, preventing heat from penetrating the Barn and trolley cars, thus lowering electricity costs by each year.
  • LED Lighting Conversion for the Car Barn and MATA offices was installed replacing existing lighting. LED bulbs last longer, are more durable, offer comparable or better light and are the most energy-efficient lighting available today.
  • Replacing the outdated, inefficient air conditioning units on trolleys with new commercial grade units improving comfort for passengers and reducing electricity usage and maintenance costs. This upgrade will allow our trolleys to continue to transport passengers comfortably while saving thousands of dollars annually.

The Sustainability Project has helped MATA become more energy efficient by reducing our electricity consumption and expenses, and equally important, improves the experience for our more than 500,000 riders every year. This green initiative will have a positive environmental impact on MATA and the surrounding Uptown area for years to come.

Thank you Green Mountain Energy Sun Club and ProStar Energy Solutions!