The “Green Dragon” was built in 1913 by the St. Louis Car Company, designated for service in the Dallas Consolidated Electric Street Railway. During her 43 years of service, the car ran on the McKinney past SMU campus. University students lovingly nicknamed her the “Green Dragon” due to her color. When the streetcar system was abandoned in 1956, the Green Dragon was stripped of all her running gear and electrical wiring and was sold to an individual who used her as a hay barn in far North Dallas. In 1979, Ed Landrum, one of MATA’s Co-founders, acquired the Green Dragon and cosmetically restored her. She was on display in the Texas Sports Hall of Fame in Grand Prairie, and finally came to MATA when the museum closed.


  • Year Built: 1913
  • Length: 42 feet
  • Weight: 21 tons
  • Engine: Four MV101 40-horsepower, 600-volt DC motors